How to restart my Journey?

Restarting the current Journey can be very useful if you need to start fresh or approach your Journey from a new angle. In doing so, you have two options.

Restarting a Journey

You can keep all your habits and stats but just restart a Journey. This means you will get the letters from the beginning as well as the one-time actions and motivators. But you will not lose any routines, habits, or alarms you've set up.

  • To do this, tap on the Profile icon (from the homepage) > Settings > Advanced SettingsRestart the Journey

Starting over

Alternatively, you can start over from scratch. This means you'll start as if you'd never downloaded the app. You'll lose all your routines, habits, and alarms.

  • To do this you need to delete the app > restart your phone > and reinstall Fabulous from the app store/play store.
  • If you've backed up your progress with our cloud backup, then make sure you do not restore your progress after reinstalling.
  • Finally, you'll want to restore your purchase to reconnect to your Premium membership.

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