Circles Community Guidelines

  • I will welcome others. Support and encourage others, regardless of who they are or what they believe. This is a judgment-free space. Everyone who adheres to these guidelines has a place here.
  • I will respect others. Any insults or harassment will result in a user’s removal from Circles.
  • I will THINK before I post. In any post or reply, use the THINK method: T - is what you are about to say True? H - is it Helpful? I - is it Inspiring? N - is it Necessary? K - is it Kind?
  • I will not use swear words. Posts with profanities will be removed.
  • I will not bring up or reply to politics. There are other places to discuss politics, not here. No matter one’s beliefs, everyone here actively supports each other in their personal journeys.
  • I will not flirt or make sexual comments. All posts must be free of sexual intent. Any provocative posts or replies with sexual undertones will be removed.
  • I will not bring up religion. Circles are a place where everyone connects purely as human beings with a shared goal focused on habit change.
  • I will respect everyone’s privacy. Do not share your private information. Do not ask for anyone’s private information. This includes social media handles. Do not share information that can be used to identify you.
  • I will not share personal traumas. Posts that include violent or traumatic experiences, thoughts of suicidal ideation, harming oneself or others will be removed.
  • I will write more than 10 words. Posts that are just a few words don’t add value for the group. Circle posts have to contain at least 10 words to contribute meaningfully.
  • I will not advertise. Circles are an ad-free zone. They are not a place to promote services or products to make money for yourself — such posts will be considered spam.
  • I will pay earnest attention. Reply mindfully. Avoid irrelevant tangents. Stick to the topic being discussed. Paying attention is a form of respect. (And make sure you’re on topic in the right Circle to begin.)
  • I will report any violations of these principles. If you see a post or comment that violates our guidelines, don’t reply directly to them. Use the three dots in the right-hand corner to give feedback on this post. Moderators are responsible for removing inappropriate content.

NOTE: Circles are not a place for mental diagnosis. Circles do not provide professional mental health counseling. For anyone experiencing thoughts of harming oneself or others, call your local emergency number immediately, and reach out for professional help

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