How does Clarify ADHD work?

You’ve taken the important first step of finding an app to improve your focus and productivity. 

Living with ADHD can feel like your mind fires a thousand miles per hour. Goals and plans might get lost amongst the overwhelm of daily stimulations.

But here you are, ready to learn to:

  • Work more efficiently

  • Overcome procrastination

  • Navigate impulsivity and overwhelm

  • Concentrate more easily

  • Reduce stress in your life

…and build confidence in your unique abilities as you do so!

What Distinguishes Clarify ADHD

We understand that everyone’s ADHD journey is unique. We also know that many of us have tried it all. So what makes this app different?

  • Specific focus on people with ADHD

  • Practical tools to support daily activities

  • Skill development for long-term improvement

  • Personalized support from licensed coaches 

  • A strong support network of people on a shared path

How does it work?

Clarify ADHD helps you achieve superior focus and curb procrastination through several core features:

  • Daily Centering

Begin any work session with a quick centering activity. Clear your mind and calm your nervous system.

Build immersive To-Do lists to structure your day and track your progress.

  • Deep Work Room

Your personal space for Deep Work. 

Immerse yourself fully as you harness your unique superpower — hyperfocus —  until the timer goes off.

  • Personalized Support

Feeling stuck? Worry not. 

Our licensed human coaches will advise you on specific ADHD concerns.

  • 2-Min Audio Coaching

Need guidance on a specific topic? Or a quick motivation boost? 

Browse our library of on-demand audio coachings.

  • ADHD Journeys

Develop sustainable skills to manage ADHD in the long run.

Structured programs will guide you, step by step, at your own pace, toward a more balanced, stress-free life.

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