What are the 4 Keystone Habits?

In Shape, you anchor your healthy lifestyle through 4 keystone habits. Complete them regularly to check in on your progress and expand your awareness. 

Each Shape Journey uses them in various ways to help you establish new habits. Continue to incorporate them into your routine to help you recognize the results you’re achieving.

  • Record Food
    Snap a photo or write a brief description of your meals, then answer a few short questions in your Food Journal. By becoming aware of what you eat — not with judgment, but with ease — you begin to make choices from an internal source of knowledge about what is right for you.

  • Track Exercise
    Move your body every day in ways that you enjoy. Make a movement plan and discover the power of embodying your body.

  • Build Awareness
    Shape draws on the foundations of self-compassion and mindfulness that are built into all apps in the Fabulous family. Become an intuitive eater, not a rule follower. Deepen your awareness not only of what you eat, but why and how you eat.
  • Check Weight
    In Shape, we understand the complex relationship many people have with stepping on the scale. Here, checking your weight becomes an intentional act of self-care. This is not from a place of “shoulds,” but to provide you with greater awareness about your body and information that can inspire your choices.

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