How to add, edit, or remove tasks from my Deep Work Room on Clarify (ADHD)?

How to add a new task?

  1. To add tasks on your Deep Work section, kindly tap on the "Deep Work" tab located under your "KeyStone Habits" or select the banner from the "Deep Work Room" on your homepage.

  1. Tap on “Add tasks now” & add the tasks you’ve set to accomplish during the day!

  1. If you wish to include additional tasks after setting up your "Deep Work Room", simply tap on the "+" symbol located within the room.

How to reorder & edit tasks?

  1. Inside the “Deep Work Room” tap on the 3 lines icon (next to the + symbol).

  2. Tap on the 3 dots next to the task you’d like to edit:

  • Tap on "Edit Task” to edit tasks name, icon & affirmation. 

  • Tap on “Adjust Task Duration” to modify the time required for task completion.

  • Tap on “Remove Task” to eliminate tasks if needed. 

  • Finally, tap on "Done" in the upper corner to save the changes.

Note: The total duration of your “Deep Work Room” is calculated by adding up the duration of each task. If you need to make changes to the overall duration, simply adjust the duration of the specific task you wish to modify.

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