What Is the Ambiance App? And How Does It Work?

Welcome to Ambiance

Ambiance is your free digital library of ambient soundscapes and melodies. Whether you're looking for focus, motivation, relaxation, or better sleep, Ambiance has the right background sound for you, available on-demand 24/7.

Create the perfect ambiance by exploring sounds in the following categories:

  • Nature’s Music

  • Cityscapes

  • Fantasy and Sci-Fi

  • Workspaces

  • Meditation and Relaxation

  • Travel and Culture

  • Animals

  • Historical

  • Sounds of the Earth

  • Sonic Colors

  • Seasonal

  • Ambient Music

  • Sound Baths

How to Pick the Right Sound

With Ambiance, you have unlimited access to a rich collection of ambient sounds and music. Explore the many options and find the best soundscapes that work for you. To get started, we recommend checking out these tracks:

  • If you’re looking to focus for work or study:

Do you enjoy working in public spaces with gentle background sounds? Try the 1920s Speakeasy or the Victorian Tea Room. Prefer a completely quiet mind? Boost your concentration with the Brown Noise track. 

  • If you like motivational tunes when doing household chores:

Try the Urban Ambiance or Morning Espresso and let the rhythms of a bustling city carry you into action. For more melancholic beats, try the Sonic Chill.

  • If you want to relax through meditation or deep breathing:

Explore Tranquil Vibrations or the Crystal Bowls sound bath. Looking for a more magical experience? Tune into the Underwater Rhapsody or the Magical Forest.

  • If you wish to fall asleep more easily:

Help your mind and body drift into deep slumber by immersing yourself in the Green Noise. For more natural sounds, try Eternal Tides or Whispers of a Stream.

Discover the power of sound to create the ambiance you need to function at your best every day. Find tracks that match your mood, support your goals, and feel uniquely you!

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