Can I do a Challenge and a Journey at the same time?

Unfortunately, no.

The Fabulous app does not allow users to do multiple challenges and journeys at once. The reason for this is that habits are ingrained better when you focus totally on one habit at a time and make sure to complete it for a few days before moving on.

Overloading yourself with too many habits when you are feeling motivated is quite counterproductive. You might be able to stick to the huge list for a while, but eventually, you'll get discouraged and stop all of them!

If you really want to take on more habits, just add a custom habit to a routine, but please be conservative about this and only add one new one at a time. Once you've done it for a few days and are comfortable with your ability to keep up with the new habit, then you can try adding a new one.

To learn how to delete a challenge, please tap here.

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